paint it black

our gymming trip failed miserably. but it wasnt our fault. because there was a power failure and the sports complex had no power. so neither the treadmills nor the cycling machines were working ):

weights were painful to do. furthermore there was zilch ventilation since the aircon wasnt working. after 15 minutes, we gave up and left. for island creamery. LOL

so we spent the next half and hour sitting in island creamery, eating calorific ice cream that would overwhelm all our previous attempts to burn calories, but basically having a good time.

the model-looking waiter was so nice to gave cassy a super huge scoop of banana ice-cream, using his model-biceps of course, when he realised we were J1s from his alma mater. thats definitely an incentive to go back, especially while wearing the ACJC shirt! (:

oh yea, the waiters and waitresses at island creamery have a reputation for being good-looking. woah and i cant disagree, excluding the one about cleopatra having a job stint there for awhile. but i remember the last time one of the waitresses, a pretty face but a bitch, rolled her eyes at me. its a long story though, something to do about her having to take out the mudpie tray 3 consecutive times when melinda deb and i couldve asked for 3 mudpies at the same time.

but still, you have no right to roll your eyeballs at me and instill in me a phobia for pretty waitresses at island creamery.

and like cassy said, whoever thought up of putting a photo machine in that place is a genius. imagine having your shop decorated by a camera-whoring generation of kids who enjoy leaving images of themselves for others to gawk at. to them, thats even better than constantly having to update their photo collection on friendster.

eh but luckily cmislut’s pictures werent plastered on any of the walls there. otherwise i wouldve lost all appetite for my delicious mudpie.


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