not FAT

haha! i went down to run at the gym today.

i ran 1 km lol! but its still running. haha so im really on my way there to living a healthy lifestyle. not only that okay, i also cycled vigorously for 5 mins (i nearly fell off the bike while trying to get down because my legs were limp) and did the abdominal machine.

well we sat in the cafe for a long while talking to melinda, boren and xiang un. in the end, the rest of our exciting plans went down the drain. so i went home and finished my gp comprehension ):

anw this morning i was on the way to school, emoing to konstantine by something corporate and snoozing. and then i was rudely woken by a shrill 1000-decibels laughter. no no, i wouldnt even call it a laughter, because it didnt sound human. so i opened my eyes and saw these 3 girls walking over to sit opposite me.

the crazy laugh belonged to the prettiest girl, lets call her bimbo 1. i know because when her friend (bimbo 2) laughed, no doubt it was just as shrill, but it probably only registered 990 decibels.

when they were settled, bimbo 2 proceeded to plunge into a story about how some guy said that bimbo 3 was prettier than bimbo 1. i really dont mean to eavesdrop, but when you’re talking at a volume louder than the maximum volume of my ipod, its hard not to.

anyway for the next 5 minutes, the entire bus had to endure their completely bimbotic argument and analysis of why the guy chose to make such a comment. and whenever bimbo 1 completed a sentence, bimbo 2 would errupt into a fit of howls, as if bimbo 1 had just told the joke of the century.

luckily they got off 3 stops later.
or i would have completely lost my sense of hearing.

ive also been inspired by the ever-so-inspiring melinda, to start studying. yea i was trying very very hard to avoid thinking about it, but i cant anymore. so the studying starts tomorrow. 3As here i come!

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