krazy kat II

nothing much interesting happened today,
except that i bumped into a cat.

yea i know, how can anyone possibly ‘bump’ into a cat. but i really didnt see it there. i was looking at my neighbours other cat when i felt something against my leg. and when i bent down to see, this familiar furry thing scurried past and jumped into my neighbour’s house.

then it poked its head out from the grilles

and i knew why it was familiar. it was krazy kat! ya the one who ran into my house a few months ago and gave me a nasty shock.

well so i guess it probably thought my house was my neighbour’s the last time. lol

anyway, i was looking at grad night pictures last year. and its really strange that a year has passed so quickly. soon i’d be staring at my jc prom pictures when im 50 and wondering how the wrinkles all appeared.

cheers to the crazy ass night. the same one i embarrassed myself in miss IJ pageant trying to answer the question: what do you think makes you miss IJ?. until now, i still really think someone else shouldve been up there instead.

cheers to the after party (gen’s sweet 16th), the sore throat, the gastric pains, and the awful puking incident at wisma. lol.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


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