world vision

i was insanely bored enough to sign up for CIP with world vision, and even potentially not receive any CIP hours from it.

anyway i suppose since im not famous and rich enough to adopt a kid, or sponser one- it costs $45 per month. imagine how many mars bars i can afford to eat with all that money! well thats not the point. point is, i can ask people to sponser kids in 3rd world countries.

considering that one of my birthday wishes this year was world peace (and i was joking when i wrote it), i just might be able to live up to that!

so im dedicating my time (no bloody strings attached) this december to rot in marina square for 3 to 5 hours getting people to sponser kids.


but i bet that beats staying at home and trying to throw a frisbee around.

right now, i really really want to go to the zoo!

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