boredom teaches

boredom teaches you a hell lot of things.

boredom teaches you that the newspapers are as interesting as harry potter, and subsequently, that you are very wrong about what you thought.

boredom teaches you that playing the frisbee at home will only cause bodily harm to you or the porcelein vase in the corner.

boredom teaches you that being bored is a hell lot better than talking to prataface.

boredom teaches you that cassy the PSQ (pang seh queen) will not help you drive it away, because shes studying very hard for bio olympiad, or having a very special lunch.

boredom teaches you that dashboard confessional’s album does not sound good when its played over and over again.

boredom teaches you that channel U has pretty good variety shows because theres this new actor in them who looks bloody exactly like rain ((((:

boredom teaches you that your wardrobe does not lead to narnia.

boredom teaches you that blogging nonsense will relieve others of their boredom, and why cant everybody blog like that to relieve me of my boredom.


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