eyeball crisis

i was reading a page about edison chen in the grudge when i felt my eye itching. so i rubbed it and felt a damn sharp pain. and it was a familiar pain, the pain of something disappearing behind your eyeball, the pain of my contact lens slipping back into my socket.

basket i panic and ran to the bathroom. i widened my puny asian eyes as big as possible and couldnt bloody find the contact lens. so i resorted to poking at my eyeball around the socket until the plastic lens fell out.

hahaha. what a dramatic day.

and as if i dont need any more drama in my life, prataface has been annoying the shit out of me. i know hes trying to be nice, but now its getting abit inappropriate. my patience is running.

my mum will be off to china for the whole week, and my brother to bintan for half the week. bummer. i will miss them and become a lonely latchkey kid. or i could hold wildchild parties everyday, for the whole week, if only my 5 room flat was a 5 storey bungalow and my bath tub was a real pool.

but i think my dad and neighbours would murder me.

so its a week worth of pure bumming, and staring at the RJC promo paper, trying to recall how to integrate by parts.


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