chronicles of prataface

im glad i didnt stay at home to mope around on a wet and gloomy saturday. instead, i met gen, xin, and jessie for la mian at crystal jade. after that was another round of mars bars, the second time ive had that in this week- i can almost feel my blood vessels exploding with caramel already.

and then it started to pour. so we soaked ourselves silly trying to get to weixin’s place. ill never forget the noob moment when i stood in the same spot, in the pouring rain for a full 5 seconds, trying to fish my slipper out from the stupid puddle at weixin’s condo, and im not talking about her swimming pool.

jessie was laughing her ass off at my moment of desperation

well thankfully, i got my slipper back, all by myself. yes so now i am gosu at slipper-fishing. i bet you arent.

when we were finally dry, we sat around and watched memoirs of a geisha. then pp and daryl came with chronicles of narnia and we switched to watching that.

amagad narnia is damn coolshit. one of these days, when im bored to tears at home, i shall try digging in my wardrobe to see if i end up in some coolshit place with lots of snow and a free flow of mars bars.

i’ll never be emo again.


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