singa award

OP came and went in a flash

similarly, i spoke at a crazy speed, because i was worried about being distracted by the 5 mins bell. this was much to the dismay of the internal assessor, who was signalling frantically to me to slow down. i tried to, and then my nerves got the better of me, so i went back to rattling off like a bullet train.

and then came q&a session, where i bullshitted my way through again, half stuttering and half trying to sound convincing. they bought my shit anyway, because they kept nodding like those solar-operated figurines you put at the back of your car.

but hell, its over!
one torturous year of pw has finally ended. and thats what really matters doesnt it? the end and not the bloody journey. omg no more WR! no more EOM! no more PI! no more conversation starters on what timing you had for OP trial!

after OP it was off to town again, and another round of walking around. this time, they were more decisive, so everything was done and bought in an hour.

we dropped by the subaru challenge, laughed at the insanity of people, respected the (then) final two contestants, and laughed at ourselves because we wouldnt have been able to last past 6 hours till the first 5 mins break.

ah matin helped a blind lady to the fare gates at the mrt station and opened the heavy glass doors at taka for a woman with a stroller.

everybody respected matin today.

later, we sat in coffee bean for an hour recording a voice message onto oli’s birthday card (basket, nowadays damn high tech) over and over again. because they were trying to perfect the imitatation of a certain person- let me give you a hint: shes pretty, tall, and will pwn your ass at bio olympiad.

once that was done, jarrod began drawing his large comics, birthday edition. one word- LOL

ah shit i realised that now,
i dont have anymore excuses to avoid my GP homework.

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