sympathy for nightie

we were sitting around at food republic after lunch, when jarrod had a brilliant idea to play a game.

the gist of his game was simple: you pick a total stranger sitting near you, try to guess his/her name, then walk over and pretend to shout the name you’ve guessed into your phone, and see if the fellow responds.

so we picked some ang moh guy in the corner. cassy guessed antonio, jarrod guessed michael, and boren (or however you spell it) guessed jing zhong.

in the end nobody wanted to walk over. so jarrod went ahead and shouted ‘michael!’ behind the ang moh guy. ang moh guy didnt respond.

then they decided to guess the name of an rgs girl sitting a few metres away. then ivan got saboed to walk over and call ‘cheryl’ out. but he was so nervous, he muttered ‘cheryl’ one metre away from the rgs girl’s table and ran back immediately. so even if the rgs girl’s name was cheryl, she still wouldnt have responded to ivan’s squeaking. lol

cassy and i walked around town for 2 hours to buy a birthday present. omg, i swear ive burnt at least 300 calories from all that killer walking. but all that was replaced when i went to far east later to eat mars bars. ooh overdose of goodness.

meanwhile, im getting the jitters for OP. but i’ve already made sure nobody’s sex videos will be accidentally screened tomorrow.

and today i felt bad about nightcrawler,
i expect that feeling will be back sometime soon.


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