bejweled o_O

amagad i cant believe i dragged myself down at 820am to play frisbee. anyway it wasnt very productive because we didnt have enough people to play ultimate frisbee.

so after half and hour of playing, we decided to tan. and after tanning, we decided to eat brunch at the cafe. lol! so at the end of today, i’ve got a shirt and fbt tan and a bruise on my right thumb from catching one of vivian’s gosu throws.

after frisbee, i went holland v with mat, oliver, shen, jarrod, ivan and some guy. lol and shen finally fulfilled his lost bet by kissing mat on the cheek at BK. it was a quick juicy peck, which failed on the first try, because mat ducked. lol! ah damn, i should have youtubed the moment. but i thought it wouldve been better to let shen preserve whatever thats left of his masculinity. one day, he will thank me for it.

though, i suppose that before i sleep tonight, im going to have to wash my eyes out thoroughly with dettol.

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