if you wrote me a symphony

hahaha an insane bunch of us went all the way down to school today,
to play frisbee.

we had a hell of a time throwing the disc to each other, trying out new skillz and what not. unfortunately i cant even master the basic throw, much less the others. but i assure you, once the holidays end (we plan to play at sentosa also!), ill be as good at frisbee, as joel is at screaming hysterically.

a couple of trackers came to play ultimate frisbee with us for awhile. we got our asses pawned of course. but it was good fun, even though half the time i was just running across the length of the track because the other team scored.

then it was 1pm and our stomachs were growling. so we went to holland v for subway. haha after that vivian complained that she needed to burn off her fats, so i suggested going back to school for another round of frisbee.

and we did.

so we came back and played until 430. it felt damn retarded la. but we saw this group of people at the bleachers playing bridge. so at least we felt a little bit better that our frisbee-throwing was slightly more productive.

im glad i spent my entire day frisbee-ing, its much much better than cooping up at home and studying chinese. besides, i got slightly tanner! lol.

and now i’ve got a headache.
i think its a frisbee-hangover.


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