crazy names

recently, my mum spotted in the papers and told me about this girl whose name is Swarovski. Swarovski Crystal in full.


and this girl is chinese. so that means that her full name would actually be Swarovski Crystal Tan Mei Qi or something like that. but i made the back part up. so i suppose if your name is Swarovski Crystal then your chinese name would be Shui Jin or something. haha!

speaking of weird names, my dad’s colleague named his daughter Shi Shi. and this guy’s surname is Lye. so his daughter’s full name becomes: Lye Shi Shi

which incidentally also means ‘come and pee’ in chinese. poor girl.

ha ha come to think of it, with a surname like mine, my mum could have easily named my brother jude. then i would have had a field time telling people im actually related to jude law.

anyway, i was bored the other day. and so i googled my own name in inverted commas. wth none of the links actually brought me to a website about ME. everything in the search results was either “michelle’s law” or “michelle got involved with the law

so unless you have a pretty unique name, like “melinda khong” (haha), you wont really find anything relevant when you google your name. you should try it some time though, its quite the boredom-killer.


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