top 10%

i found my name sandwiched somewhere in the top 10% list, posted on the academic notice board. it seemed quite insignificant, because the list was all the way at the bottom of the board (i had to squat to get a look at it), and there were 113 other people’s names on it, 13 of whom came from my class alone.

but heck, i suppose i could use that to egg my parents to get me something soon. lol. maybe like an ipod video. my stupid 2GB nano is fast filling up. theres only so much you can store in something so sleek and sexy. besides, the terror of 2nd generation nanos have come to destroy the sleekness of my 1st generation nano.

speaking of sleek, i really want the motokrazr.
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but its also sodding expensive.

or i could be frugal, like i aimed to be at the start of year- i havent quite forgotten that. haha if i stick to that, it’ll be the one new year resolution i’ve actually fulfilled in my entire life.


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