nice one!

i just needed 2 marks to get a B for gp, and erase that ugly C from my report slip. and today, after checking answers, i found out that the teacher shortchanged me of that 2 marks. but the bloody thing was, they didnt allow mark changes anymore. so that was a real bitch.


it feels liberating yet difficult to type that, seriously. but its 2 marks only after all. C then C lor. big deal.

im down with the flu again, for possibly the fifth time this year alone. so i was croaking the whole time in school today. luckily OP got rescheduled to friday. otherwise i would have pissed myself trying to speak clearly with a throaty (and unsexy) voice.

oh yes. something bizarre did happen.

it was after school and we were down by the bleachers playing frisbee. haha frisbee is like the new soccer. as long as there is a free period, you’d see circles of people by the field whizzing frisbees to each other. i suck at catching frisbees thrown by skillzed people because its hurts my hands. and if the frisbee collides with some other body part then its worse.

anyway, back to what i was saying. we were in a circle throwing the frisbee to each other. and cassy came to join us after awhile. shes quite a novice at throwing, so she just tosses the frisbee to people near her in the circle. at one instance, when she spinned off the frisbee, i heard her call out ‘nice one!’

and cassy is not usually a very egoistic person. so i couldnt imagine why she would compliment her own throw. (somemore not say very skillzed throw like that haha)

it seemed joel heard her say that also.
and he asked her, ‘what? why you say that?’

the strangest thing was that cassy said she did not say a single thing. but i really did see her open her mouth and heard her distinct high-pitched voice echo the words ‘nice one!’

everyone else in the circle also heard her saying it. thats like 5 other people. and that means that either cassy is possessed, or the 5 of us are. somehow the odds are against the latter argument.

or it could also be that cassy has an alter ego.
you know, something like
cassy by day, yssac by night

k thats not very imaginative, but yssac does sound dangerous, like some terrorist’s name.

i think im going to be staying away from cassy, i mean yssac, after 8 pm from now on.


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