kissable in front, huggable behind

bus rides just get interesting by the last week of school.

so what happen was, these 2 girls got up at the ngee ann poly bus stop and headed to sit near us, at the back of the bus. and the 2 girls are kind of on the plump side. or maybe plump is quite of an understatement. but im going to be politically correct. so these 2 girls are very horizontally challenged. shit, seems like alot of cover up for the word ‘fat’.

anw they are good friends.
and what do good friends do?
they listen to the ipod together!

but these 2 girls obviously make alot of things in their lives very challenging. usually when you share headphones, its like this:

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but the 2 girls were sharing it like this!:

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haha basket, we LOL until like shit.
the ipod headphone wires were practically strangling them la. yet, they didnt even realise that anything was wrong with their method, or that 3 people next to them were sniggering like crazy.

thats not it.
i should tell you, that the more horizontally-challenged girl out of the two was wearing a skin tight shirt that read on the front:

and i thought, you must be joking.

i mean i dont have a thing against fat people la. but surely when you wear something, you have to see what impression it gives other people. and VERY KISSABLE doesnt give a very pleasant image generally, when you are not so aesthetically inclined. in other words, you dont bloody wear a shirt like that when you arent sure if people actually feel the same way about you as your shirt suggests. its obscene.

worse still, the VERY KISSABLE was positioned so strategically on her huge assets. so i really dont know what to make out of that. lol!

when she got off the bus, we had a look at the back of her shirt. and it read

i skipped dinner when i got home.


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