i hate the system of distributing results here. everything comes back to you on one sad little friday afternoon. and it can either make you the happiest straight 4A-cer in the world, or the moodiest person with the combination of FUCFUC.

my results were okay. maybe it hasnt sunk it yet. or maybe its because ive been occupied in other things. honestly i dont feel happy even when i know i should. but maybe ill wake up tomorrow and realise that i have damn long lag-time. and ill celebrate properly then.

anyway, i got AABB,
C for gp and A for chinese (lol!)

the surprise was in chem, because i got an A, and in bio, because i didnt get an A. i was also shocked about getting a B for econs, i was truly expecting to fail it completely.

i generally did better than terms. haha maybe ill get top 10% and $200 from good progress award to buy myself a ticket for rain’s concert next january. can you imagine? $188 is the cheapest ticket you need to get to see his sweaty abs. how unworth it. therefore, i will buy his concert DVD instead. then i will be left with alot of money to buy other things, like an assortment of goodies from candy empire. that would make up to be alot alot alot of happy hippos. lol!

okay la i shouldnt talk so much first.

after school, everyone was emoing in the void deck. its awfully contagious. plus everyone was talking about advancing and retaining, so you cant help but feel terribly weird when you cant think of anything comforting to say.

and then when i walked to the bus stop with shen, oliver and cassie, i met kevin. and he too, started emoing about how he wouldnt be able to take H3s next year because of a random B here and there. he sounded quite murderous, so i was careful to choose a seat pretty far away from him on the bus.

so i’ve decided, im going to lay off any form of discussion involving results until tomorrow, lest i incur the wrath of some more people who are pissed because they missed a mark to qualify for proteomics and managerial economics.


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