you have stolen my heart

ah im bloody relieved that the WR is submitted. our word count exceeded by 27 words and stands at 3047. but who cares! they can skip the conclusion for all we care.

unfortunately, OP has just begun. i just practised my section of the OP and boy, i talk way too much shit. occasionally, i drift off to end up blabbering a chunk of ‘uhs and ahs’, before ending off with a confident, ‘and so, yup!

still, heres a list of things you should never say/do during OP. and by hook or by crook, im going to pray and hope that i dont cock up with one of these.

8 things the OP accessor shouldnt hear

1. hello, i am miss X x, and yes, i am the only speaker here.

2. the main limitation of our project was our group leader.

3. we tried to understand the needs of animals in a zoo by experiencing a day in the lives of these animals.

4. (turns around furiously to a group member) fuck! where are my slides?

5. is your father a terrorist?

6. because you’re the bomb.

7. our second speaker has been the source inspiration of our project, which is entitled, ‘sex workers’

8. (starring at the projection screen in disbelief) shit this is NoT happening…why is my sex video playing!?


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