more larging

i found new 74 company, after a very very long time. lol i bus-ed home with jarrod and ivan, who are truly jokers.

at the acsi stop, a bus load of smelly acsi boys came onto the upper deck of 74. and one of them noobs, who was holding a huge yellow plastic board (the ones that you use for projects), came to sit next to me.

the noob boy was the typical sort of nerdy sec 1, thick framed specs, and absolutely has no clue about how high his pants are.

haha so jarrod poked him from behind and asked,
‘eh, have you watched titanic before?’

the noob was damn afraid to turn around to face jarrod, so he answered sideways through the gap at the side of his black specs, ‘no. why…?’

then jarrod replied,
‘oh, because i havent.’

haha! the noob boy got down immediately at the next stop and ran up the escalator into the MRT, all before jarrod could wave to him one last time.


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