extra LARGE

the morning was dedicated to a (deadful) 2 hour session of sexuality education. and ironically, sex ed does kind of get unexciting once you get into a co-ed school. maybe because everyone already acts like they’re damn pro, and you dont get to hear innocently-genuine questions like ‘will i get AIDs if we hold hands?’.

perhaps it was also partly because at JC (or at least in AC), they teach sex ed like the sing-along alphabet, on an episode of kids central’s Hi-5. but i hear in RJ, they somehow made sex = bio. im thankful they didnt use that approach on us.

anw, im serious. people were singing us songs about random noobs getting to experience love and sex. oh, they even got people to read us poems on the meaning of love. wah laooo…

after that still got follow up session with your form teacher. i could cryyy! but it was quite fun, if not for the fact that miss yeo pinpointed random people in the class to ask whether they were attached, and she spotted all of them correctly except me. why me, anyway?

on the other hand,
school was quite extraordinary today.

miss yeo let us off for early recess, pw didnt piss me off that much, i had the 20-cents coin that i accidentally dropped into the drain returned to me, i pass bio mcq!, and i had extra Large company after school. lol!

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