open house

i couldnt take another day of stoning at home having absolutely nothing to do, so i dragged my lazy bum down to AC open house.

and i didnt regret it.

haha i watched cassy and CO perform for the first time. they dont sound as bad as i thought they would. cassy looked like she would fit very well into an album cover of the 12 girl band. or bond, if you are opting for a more skanky image. lol

then i went to watch the soccer vs rugby soccer match. soccer won 2-0 of course. they’d better, other damn lao kui (lose face). haha i had a ball laughing at nightcrawler and his zidane-wannabe antics. i dont understand why hes so clueless.

i spent the rest of the afternoon bumming at the CO booth with cassy and oliver. we walked around occasionally to visit the other CCA booths. and other times, jarrod, martian and matin came to visit. towards the end, we ended up standing near the soccer booth watching these two guys practising/showing off their godlike-jogabonito-inspired freestyle moves.

dont we all like to be like them?

k la i need to sink myself back into WR shit again. i dont know how im going to make the deadline )):

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