burger good!

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oh shit im completely owned.

i walked so much today, my feet hurt and my body aches. haha i know la, im damn unfit. but wth i think if you walked the amount that we did today, you will also get cramped muscles.

first i met melinda at dobhy ghaut and we trained to Vivocity. half the cool shops are closed, like GAP, zara, Adidas, and just about every restaurant except Sushi Tei. so we were resigned to walking around on empty stomachs.

but then we went into toys’r’us and the hungriness went away almost instantly. its like second childhood man! i dont even remember entering toys’r’us more than twice when i was a kid. so now i must enjoy all i can. hahaha we just dashed around excitedly, playing with the fake swords, train sets without the train, crazy wigs, stuff dogs big enough to crush a 5 year old, pretty fairy wands and halloween masks. haha the halloween stuff were the bestest of all. we just stood there trying on dracula masks and laughing ourselves silly.

once, melinda popped out behind me wearing a darth vadar mask and breathing, ‘i am your fatherrrr’ wah lao i laughed until my gastric juices started corroding my stomach. it was 2pm by then, so we finally decided to leave heaven for some food.

as we were walking around, we saw carls juniors. but it was closed! and then suddenly, both of us started craving for burgers.

so we trained all the way back to town for the burgers. we walked from PS to cine because we wanted to watch a movie and eat carls juniors. but when we got to cine, we realised there was no carls juniors- or rather, melinda realised there was no carls juniors. plus most of the movie slots for john tucker had been sold out. so that was a double boohoo.

so we bused back to PS to eat at carls juniors.

the feeling of the first bite into the gigantuan famous star burger was omg. the beef patty, omg! the onions, omg! the sauces (even though 3/4 of it fell out by the time i was halfway through the burger), omg! plus beef chilli cheese fries, omg!

i bet you are salivating already.

the burger made us so full so we struggled to walk all the way back from PS to orchard to burn off all the extra pounds. imagine, from PS we walk and we walk, until we went home at far east.

haha but along the way, i bought melinda her real madrid scarf as a belated birthday present. and melinda bought me my purple roxy slippers as a belated belated birthday present. and we met cassie, oliver, jarrod and matin at pac plaza. and after an awkard round of introduction, and waving my ‘miss personality’ wave, we went home.

i didnt eat dinner because i was so stuffed on carls junior. but its a hell good feeling to be digesting famous star over the next 10 hours. amagad good stuff, i say. but now i really need to run extra hard at AC games to burn off all the calories. ha ha. if i score some goals along the way, that’d be a bonus.


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