2 fast 2 furious!

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woah woah woah the decision to rot and home and watch 2 fast 2 furious was the best decision i’ve ever made since the last MCQ question in the chem paper on friday.

fast cars, hot people,
like paul walker for instance,

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k now i need to download tokyo drift.

in other news, i am truly amazed at the speed (and i mean like in a blink of an eye) with which everyones getting attached at!

really 2 fast 2 furious man! lol

i swear! its like wildfire. ever since the chief invigilator told us we could go off, hormones have been bursting and suddenly A and Z are a couple. and so is C and O and M and W, if you get what i mean. ha ha.

if you dont believe me, just take a walk through town tomorrow, or even at the new vivocity. and you will truly marvel at the number of twosomes you can spot.

anyhow, im going to be out checking out the new vivocity- whether its as good as what they make it sound like. oh, but i wont be twosome-ing though. haha because unlike everyone else, i am still very much unattached.


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