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goodbye to the days of stressing and mugging into the wee hours of the night- okay la 12 am only, but ive never studied until so late, not even during O levels.

goodbye to the times of huddling in front of the tv watching america’s next top model, and at the same time, memorising how an enzyme’s structure is denatured when there is an increase in pH.

goodbye to the scribbling and mad rush during exams where theres obviously too many questions and too little time.

goodbye to that A for bio as well. whoever who set the paper is insane, id like to see them finish the paper with an A in that ridiculously short amount of time allocated. nonsense la!

goodbye to chairman mao’s pep talks on 10 reasons why we should get an A for chem, and 10 ways to get that A. but i must say, his revision lecture notes are damn good- i almost feel like i can pass chem already!

goodbye to the badminton hall and that irritating head invigilator who was obviously trying to hold us back once the paper ended- i dont get it, does she make 50 cents from every cringe and groan that she manages to get from us?

goodbye to bloody promotional exams BABY!

meanwhile, i realised that i have absolutely nothing to do. (im afraid that studying has been and is all that i ever do) i havent actually celebrated yet, maybe i will on monday, which happens to be a day off. and so is tuesday. lol.

right now, ill be hiding in my home and trying not to get killed by the terrible terrible haze. pls stop burning the damn trees! otherwise im going to get bloody bronchitis and not be able to live to enjoy my wild 21st birthday party.


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