fire that tutor

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i had chem tuition today. and my tutor was giving me tips on how to score for chem promos, because i told her that i was going to fail.

she was telling me to skip all the questions i dont know, and move on to the others. and she added that its been scientifically proven that when you skip questions and move on to others, the back of your brain is actually working out the questions you skipped.

lol like that then damn good la! i can skip all the questions, sleep for an hour, then wake up to write down all the worked out answers in 45 minutes. now i know why i get C for terms, because i never skipped a single question. imagine, if i skipped all my questions for promos, woah i confirm can top the level for chem la.

right now i need quite alot of luck for chem spa tml – i still cant work out the difference between titrating KOH and KHCO3, as well as bio – pls pls let me get A, and chem – oh wait, chem i can just skip all my questions and still get A. lol!


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