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2 three hour papers in a day cant possibly do your brain much good. i was brain dead by the end of the 3 hour maths paper. so i wasted quite alot of time trying to study chinese in the library. yes, as a matter of fact, today would mark the 3rd time i’ve been into the school library to study. lol. i sat at a table with cassie and joe fai, most of the time being completely distracted from chinese because i’d be people-watching.

productivity went downhill once ronaldo (some guy who really looks like cristiano ronaldo) walked in. it didnt help either when bad view came to sit at the table behind me. and there was juice and his irritating glare from across the library. downstairs was annabelle stalker gaying with 2 other guys on the sofa.

so you tell me, how to focus on chinese?

anyway i still screwed chinese up haha. but not as badly as econs and gp though. i really really really hope i can pass chinese. otherwise i’d fail all my H1s again, and get retained dammit.

i also want to get A for maths.
and bio.

at least there’s no school tomorrow. good day to be chionging bio and chem- but i think still wont be able to finish.


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