massacre of masculinty


today we (mel, cassy and i) decided to carry out our ultimate test of masculinity. not on us of course, but on the guys in our class. it turned out to be a pathetic massacre of masculinity.

first of all, we really wanted to see who would be the most macho of them all. and more importantly, who claims to be macho-nacho when he actually isnt.

so i brought my collection of fake insects to school. lol i havent actually done so in a very long time. the last time i brought it was at april fools day in primary 3. i put the fake cockroach in a girl’s pencilbox and made her cry. but i didnt like her either, so it was quite worth it.

the most real-looking rubber insect was the lizard, and im bloody frightened of lizards myself. the first few times holding it in my hand gave me bouts of goosebumps. so of course, i decided to use it on the first victim.

GP was first period. i decided that zhong had shown off so much of his macho-nacho-ness throughout the year. and i wanted to test if that still held true. so i planted the fake lizard in zhong’s compre paper before passing it back to him.

LOL when he opened his paper and found the lizard, he shouted FUCK!!, scrambled out of his chair and ran 2 metres away from his table. and he remained rooted to the spot, visibly stricken by the sight.

okay la i know its damn bad, but the look on his face was classic! damn it, if only i had taken a picture. the whole class was rofling they found out it was a rubber lizard.

i think even rachel had more balls than all of the guys la. (joel was like ‘OmG whErE? WHeRE??’) she looked at the lizard on the floor and kicked it, before asking if it was real. haha. i think if it were me, i wouldve ran all the way out of the classroom and 5 rounds around the track in fright.

haha gp tutor wasnt very pleased when she found out that it was my lizard. of course la, im gp rep. lol.

later during chinese, we had another free period. so i decided to carry out plan 2. i took out the rubber cockroach (ya the one that made the poor p3 girl cry) and left it on renard’s crumpler, which was on his chair. my plan kind of failed, because instead of scaring renard, i scared joel who happened to walk by and saw it. he said ‘fuck!..’ and ran into the corner of the classroom and wimpered, ‘is it real?..omg….omg…’

we all Rofl!
damn nonsense la omg!

after i just decided to take out my rubber centipede, because it didnt look very convincing. yet, renard used it to chase a wimpering joel around the classroom. haha that one, cassy took a video. so when she gets it up on youtube, ill upload it here. and that will be end of joel’s masculinity. lol!

haha then later, kenny put the lizard on his back. then as he walked around, there were random guys backing away from him, their faces petrified at the sight of the lizard.

today is one day in my j1 year that i never bloody forget for the rest of my life. hahahaha! i initially thought that kenny would scream the loudest at the sight of the lizard, but he remained the clamest among the lot. i think even renard went white in the face, thats why he was so silent. lol

and that is why, i shall respect kenny for the whole of this week.

i should also watch my back for the rest of this week, damn it. die..tml i dont want to break any bones at touch rugby PE.

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