the untold tale

haha i know its quite morbid to be confessing this at this point in time, but i really really like the chilli stingray at the malay stall.

sting ray has been like the only fish i ever enjoyed eating. but they say fish makes you beautiful and smart, so i had to find some kind of a reason to keep eating it.

and ive noticed that the auntie at the malay stall didnt use to have so much stingrays, but nowadays when i go there, i always see a trayful of nicely-cut stingrays (and you probably might have guessed why). anyhow, all the better for late recesses, since the sting rays dont ever run out anymore.

eh but everytime i eat it, my stomach feels funny. like its churning and tumbling. maybe its the acidic chilli, or maybe its just a mild case of seasickness. lol.

woah after school today, i followed melinda to the gym to pay sports complex fees. and there in the gym, was the j2 who looks like rain! haha! he was clad in a acs singlet and flexing his Very-toned muscles at one of the machines. i think his muscles were even bigger than jonan’s! lol

i cant think of any other occasion that fits the expression, o.O

i wished the auntie had counted the money more slowly, so that i could have waited in the gym longer for melinda. i know i know. one of these days, im going to do some running in the gym.


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