my group members are taking their time to do their sections for WR second draft, so that gives me some time to take a breather and stop staring at the never diminishing word count.

in the worst situation (where i really cannot get rid of 300-500 words to meet the 3K word count), ill shut my eyes, count to ten, and pray that the stupid animated paper clip finds a way to eat all the extra words.

sometimes i wonder what went into my head when i volunteered to be chief editor of the damn report.

anyhow, i heard that some guy in a top JC (one that i live 10 mins away from- i mean the JC, not the guy) comitted suicide. and im going to assume that somehow or the other, it has something to do with either
1. written report
2. promos
3. girlfriend
4. all of the above

poor guy.


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