invasion of the baldies

darn, msn messenger isnt working. then i cannot go online and IM all my kewl friends to ask them how to do organic chemistry tutorial. lol.

so let me take some time to tell you about the invasion of the baldies, or baldwars- the scalp strikes back, or hairy balder and the prisoner of changi. or however you want to call it…

invasion of the baldies sound simpler.

today was a start to the new term. and i suppose at least 20 other people thought it would be cool to start the brand new term with a bang, or a shave, rather.

throughout the day, i had at least 10 different shocks because i saw 10 different people who went monk-style. the worst was still lizard boy, who now looks exactly like a teenage mutant ninja turtle (without the 8 packs).

is being bald some kind fashion statement or what? woah if its really that cool, ill also shave my head over the weekend.

macho libre also shaved his head, but at least he looked macho. to top it all off, he did pullups during break today. so he can be the exception.

then zhong insisted that he’ll look handsome (if he were) bald as well. though i cant exactly trust him on that.

futhermore, after assembly, the DM warned the whole lot of the guys to cut their hair by today. so that means that we’ll be seeing alot more baldies tomorrow. damn, school is becoming like an army camp.

i also understand now, why they ship baldies off to pulau tekong for 2 years. and for a good cause…


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