boyband musik!

let me tell you, listening to boyband music after a day of mugging is really therapeutic.

i know they are bloody fags la. come to think of it, i used to like lance bass from nsync. and then now hes gay.

and like how i used to like shane from westlife. now hes shane who? haha and i secretely want to go to their upcoming concert. ill be up in the moshpit swaying my hands and wailing loudly to ‘my love’.

i also like westlife because they sang the cover of the song with my name in it- seasons in the sun.
goodbye michelle, its hard to dieeeee…
haha if nightcrawler is smart, he will sing this song to me. okay wait nono i take that back. bad idea.

then there was that shorty guy from bsb. i know his name starts with B. bob? billy? oh ya its brian.

the best is still lee ryan from blue. woah hes hawt. and hes not gay. but i think he keeps getting laid and drunk.

omg this integratumour is getting to me,
let me do a friendster bulletin quiz to stress out.

01. Does ur name have an ‘a’?
michelle lAw. yes i think so.

02. Two of your dominant feelings at the moment?
integrated, strezzzd

03. What are you listening to right now?
987. and they’re playing Incomplete- BSB

04. Part of song lyric that’s in your mind right now?
of course la, i never add the dx yet what.

okay this integratumour joke is getting abit stale. lemme think of another one

05. Describe where you are right now?
in front of my computer. can you picture that?

06. What is your best day of the week?
i used to like mondays because there was econs lecture and bad view. but now its badview who? nonetheless, i still think mondays are the bez la.

07. What are you craving to have right now?
tang yuan.

08. Best memory in childhood?
what childhood?

09. Worst memory in childhood?
those times when i peed in bed and dreamt at the same time that i was on a beach.

10. What are your nicknames?
mich, lawrie, lawlaw, nerd, cool

11. Your three plans for tomorrow?
1. study chemistry
2. do chemistry tys
3. do integration

12. Your three plans for today?
1. finish this damn quiz
2. 60 situps
3. set alarm for 9 am

13. Are you thinking of someone right now?
is mr maclaurins counted? lol

14. Do you party?
if i did, would i be here?

15. Do you like twins?
confusing to tell apart.
but always cool to know one.

16. Fill in the blank:
I am __. (going to fail promos)

17. Say something to the person who sent you this!

19. Mary has her little lamb. What do you have?
i have um..integratumour?

20. Say anything to whoever is reading your ans?
go and mug for promos la.

21. What do you think of the one that sent u this?
waste my time la this question

22. What do you drink?
teh ping!

23. Are you in love?
with my ipod nano, sexypod

24. What kind of girl / boy do you like?
one who is physically-decent (lol this is quite a smart way of saying ‘hot and handsome’ without coming across as being shallow), humourous, spontaneous, can sing chasing cars to me until my goosebumps pop out (for a good reason), has a charming smile, and who likes me also duh. lol.


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