maths lesson lasted from 1.15 to 4.40 today. and now, i think i might actually have integratumour.

integratumour is very complex, just like integration. it comes about when you do too much integration. how much is too much? okay maybe about 30 questions a day for 3 hours non-stop.

ya so i have integratumour. its a tiny lump that forms on the back of your brain. and it keeps growing and growing at a rate of dv/dt when r varies. or whatever that meant, i cant do differentiation anymore because ive got integration stuck in my head now, literally lol.

in the beginning stage of integratumour, you get migraine of course. and you have the urge to keep writing dx after every one of your sentences dx

and in the intermediate stage,
well there is no intermediate state.
at the rate you do integration (30 questions a day for 3 hours nonstop), you’re bound to regress to the final stage almost immediately.

in the final stage, you break out into bouts of integratalk every 5 minutes or so. thats when you start to spout out things like ‘integrate sinx = -cosx, integrate cosecxcotx = cosecsqx…..’ so you become like a walking MF 15 la.

and the worse thing about integratumour is that you dont die, unfortunately. you just end up being a maths teacher.


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