yes! its midweek!

i cant wait for the damn holidays to end.
its boring me to pieces:
wake up, mug, eat, mug, eat, go online, sleep
wake up, mug, eat, mug, eat, go online, sleep
wake up, mug, eat, mug, eat, go online, sleep

luckily chairman mao called us back for chem extra class today. haha its always fantastic when hes dressed in casual wear. the last time when he was wearing that nun dress for teachers day performance, he was exuding so much radiance.

today he was dressed like a prep school kid okay! woah he wore stripey shirt to frame his broad shoulders, washed-out navy blue jeans and adidas sneakers wo! immediately making him exude all the kewlness in the world.

more importantly, he was in the bestest of moods. so for the 2 (quite dreadful) hours in A2.11, he taught electrolysis like it was the next best thing to getting laid.

im not bloody complaining haha.
i understood him perfectly well today.

halfway through, he started talking about some analogy involving tuna while explaining what brine was. and he added that extra roll of a tongue when pronouncing tuna, that it became ‘teuna’

and immediately after he said that, lollipop asked ‘whats teuna? is that like a car brand or something?’

everybody LOL. because everyone excused chairman mao’s extra roll of tongue and heard teuna as tuna. but dear oh dear unknowing lollipop, he went and earned himself a priceless jessica simpson moment.

oh btw i PASSED chem test! haha seriously i dont know how, and i dont want to question that. right now im going to mug harder for promos. though i dont think ill be able to get anywhere above a C.

ha ha. therefore, i need to find a hawt guy to teach me chem. no no im not talking about the prepskool guy with broad shoulders.


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