icky integration

lets see. i woke up at 9am this morning to prepare for chemistry quiz. because yesterday lollipop frightened me about having to study for the damn quiz. so being kiasu, i looked through thermochem notes for awhile.

it didnt bloody help. because nothing from thermochem came out. lol.

i had plenty of help though. so i ended up scraping through the thing with 190/250. its stupid because joel got 170/250 and it says that he failed. so it probably means ‘failing’ to get an A. how typical of the chemistry department. i wouldnt be surprised if chairman mao was the mastermind behind the quiz.

anyhow i bet he’ll say that all those who got less than 200 shall attend remedial classes for chem everyday after school. that means me.

there was one question though, which had a grainy flash video of a guy titrating something. and the damn video was so lag that i couldnt even tell what was going on. luckily i tycoed and managed to get it correct. if not i confirm temper with a capital T.

i think even tammy’s phone video is of a better quality than the titrating video la (okay wait, not that i would know- ive never watched it lol). they should honestly learn some skillz from her.

after finding out my score and having a good laugh at it, i went back to mug biological molecules. and then i did substituition integration, tempered halfway through, and went to sleep. after that i woke up and went to do integration trigonometrical functions. i didnt temper so much.

why the hell do we need to learn integration. its as if next time we have to integrate sinxcosx to do the laundry. or integrate tanxsecx to peel potatos. no right?

okay you know now, im going to integrate 3cosecx/(tanx + 2/3cos2x) to watch americas next top model. and you should integrate 5e^cosx if you want to close this window.


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