awfully chocolatey

i finally had my overdue birthday cake from awfully chocolate.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and thank you! to all the belated birthday wishes,
guoxi, sarah, zheng and zhong.

eh, i think im missing school. i dont have an excuse to escape promos-mugging anymore.

and theres some dumb chemistry online quiz at 10am tomorrow. so i have to drag my ass out of bed by then in order to take the damn test. chairman mao says that if we ace it, it wont be counted in the final grade. but if we screw up, hes going to add the mark in. oh, such a sadist.

i didnt study though. i didnt think there was a need to study until intellectual lollipop asked me if i studied. now i have a feeling that i might screw up.

i dont understand how the chemistry department can manage to plan a tech-savvy chemistry online quiz, with (or probably without) the knowledge that just about everyone has msn messenger- in so, introducing a million and one ways to use underhanded methods (no, no thats quite different from cheating) to get that A.

haha but like i said, being 17 means great power and responsibility. and greater integrity. so no underhanded methods for me. (even if i did use them, like real i will publish here for the world to see huh)


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