hostile’s hand of god

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i was talking to sat in the morning, and he side-tracked to make fun of some guy who handballed yesterday during the match. this guy is more affectionately known as hostile, because he looks like he could have you for steak if he wanted to. (maybe that explains the handball)

hostile, however, insisted that the handball was intentionally done to relive the memory of the mighty ‘hand of god’.

haha, hostile is damn joker. but i think ill respect him just for today, in case hes thinking about making steak out of me.

teachers day celebs was unexpectedly interesting, so that kept me highly entertained for 2 plus hours in the freezing hall.

1. chairman mao starred in one of the teachers-initiated dance item with a few other noob teachers. he really let loose today: no speedos, no body-hugging shirts. instead, he was dressed in an orange shirt and a very baggy nun overcoat. then he was clutching on to a yellow lightstick and singing along to ‘i will follow you’

the long hours of ionic equilibrium really does something to the established equilibrim in your mind. still,

all hail mao.

2. ms azlina’s drums! its not perfect but at least its something i can work towards.

3. amanda ang’s SAX drums. i swore that she was the one who came up with that whatever blitzkrieg band name that they have.

4. angular‘s (haha his features are sharper than a penknife, hence the name) cool break dance moves.

5. vivien dancing to some korean song which im going to rip from her the next time she comes online.

6. his cool snapping during the choir item. woah hes like THE STAR of the show, you know. the choir would suddenly stop singing, and then woah he snap! so drama, then they all start singing immediately on his snapping cue. oh, and he looked so convincingly happy- like he’d just seen angelina jolie nekkid..

indeed, all of us worshipped him for the day.
cum monday when term 4 stars, ill be seeing a bunch of starstruck girls basking in his shadow and (bad)breath.

after school we stayed behind for awhile, to cut the obscenely pink cake for miss yeo.

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oh, the inevitable-
i have to mug like fug for maths promos now.

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joel (in the middle) looked rather distressed because zhong was trying to molest him. man, someone tell the both of them to stop their bitch fights. one day, just one day, its going to get fisty and very very ugly.

the cake must have had some alcohol in it, because almost immediately afterwards, miss yeo confessed to having a banker boyfriend. i think if we’d stayed longer, we would have been able to find out the intricate details. but not that im interested, no.

then melinda and i went town to watch the devil wears prada. its a good show. and im glad that i chose to watch it over chick flick love wreck. honestly, too many chick flicks make you deluded.

and bloody hell, anne hathaway’s eyes are twice the size of mine dammit.
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tonight im going to put toothpicks in my eye and hope that they’ll double in size by tomorrow morning. imagine- hathaway’s pretty eyes for a cool 17th celebration.

ooh and i also saw siti, zoe, jaclyn and connie in town. i cant imagine how much i miss them, the fun bunch. ah good times, good times.

woah now cine has this cool laser image thing on the floor of level 1. damn CoOl! its sensor-operated and when you step over the laser parts of of the space, the image moves along with your feet. in one instance, the image on the floor was a pond. so when people stepped on it, there’d be ripples forming in the places that you just stepped over. so! CoOl! la! i think if you let me stand there and play for 1 hour, i will.


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