iflea haha

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i remember wishing last year that apple wouldnt come up with anymore smaller, sleeker and sexier ipods to make my zen micro look like the hulk. and since now i have the nano, im even more worried about mircopods that godzilla-rise my nano.

but oh my, all my nightmares are living out.
click to watch. lol.

on the other hand, i dont know how i ended up having my name signed on to play street soccer on AC games day. shit, and you know i cant kick for nuts. dawn really should have joined in my place. now im going to totally embarrass myself as having two left feet in soccer. worse still if i play against nightcrawler…

meanwhile i think im going to enlist the help of my brother to teach my some ball techniques. he was recently asked to play against a bunch of 10-12 year olds kids from Jurong FC for fun. and he got pwned 6-0.

well, im kinda having second thoughts
about asking him now..


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