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it comes again the time of the year where i start hinting blatantly about a very special day to come. so far ive only hinted to about one person. he was quite smart and got the gist of it. but then i got jacked because he xposed my very-secret hinting plan. well, at least i got the message through. lol

so really, its all about a special day that falls on the 1st of september. i usually am quite paiseh to accept gifts. but 1st september is a day when you can give me a million dollars and i wouldnt mind one single bit.

and the best birthday present i could ever receive is a bantastic B for chinese mock exam! i remember how i was seriously thinking that i’d fail it but i didnt after all! and i jumped a massive 2 grades from an E. now i just need one more birthday wish granted- B for chinese As

ah today was trauma! to the max

1. annabelle stalker said some not very nice things. i dont think he respects me and therefore hes now officially a bastard.

2. i saw a dead person covered up in a black sheet just along the road outside singapore poly. blood was streaming all over. and there was so much blood. he was lying about 3 metres from a crashed motorcycle. i felt rather nauseous after that.

somehow it makes me feel thankful that im alive, even if i have to tolerate bastard-y comments from annabelle.


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