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oh fuck i have a stomache from the food at hard rock. i think i stuffed myself with too much cake and fish and chips. i came home in time to puke out the remains of a half-digested brownie.

so everyone was pretty much stoning around before the party started. that gave me some time to camera whore. lol.

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the wives were in high spirits, especially kenny. lol

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on the other hand, zhong was already dead drunk before the party started.
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overall the party was quite laid-back, much to cassy’s dismay. im sure she’d have wanted people moshing hard and grinding each other to ‘crazy in love’ but the crowd was too shy. we had fun anyway, cassy’s cousin entertained us with a couple of good jokes.

the jokes were good. but the jokes revolved around nightcrawler, which was rather disturbing to think about. but nightcrawler is a nice guy la. today he told me he liked X-men, and i was trying hard not to laugh.

cassy’s st margs friends tried this game. whereby they’d write a different number on all our servette papers, and then use it to get people to embarrass themselves on stage for a whole minute. but of course, we were too sian to continue with the game.

first up, a st mags girl sang a birthday song,
then jackson and joel ong poled dance to ‘buttons’
third, a couple of CO people traced the phrase ‘we love CO’ with their butts.

someone called my number, and i hurridly ran out of the room to watch soccer with melinda and zhong. i really dont need to be zao xia-ing to ‘the reason’ to a crowd of 30. at least if they want me to, let me train up my vocal chords, and ill do it again at my 21st birthday. and the reason is youuuuu….

more often than not, a certain person (lets call him Mr COol) jumps into the action and tries so hard get the party started. so obviously, you can see that Mr COol thinks hes damn COol. so he assumed himself to be the star of the party. but sadly, Mr COol kept getting rejected by the party crowd.

firstly, he tried pick up lines on the two joels.
‘why do you have so much stamina’;
because you’ve been running through my head.

‘do you like kaya?’;
you can be the kaya and i can be your bread.

both tries were fruitless and
received nothing more than plain rejection.

later, he suddenly popped out from behind my chair and egged me to dance with him. wtf i was nearly fallling off my seat while escaping his outstretched fingers and gyrating hips.

he went on to the other table to drag oliver off for a dance. oliver immediately reached out his long hand and gave Mr COol a bitch slap on his left cheek. the force of it all caused Mr COol’s stud to fall off. and they had to turn the lights back on to look for it.

oh the rejection.

Mr COol gave up after that, and went to the gents to rub off the remaining of his smudged eyeliner. but i guess i will give him the credit for his attempts to spice up the party. it was funny while it lasted.

but he taught me something really valuable:
never to invite someone like him to any party,

and on to the food,

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the soup was pretty good. but the portions of the main course were hugeass. maybe thats why i puked.

then it was cutting cake time!
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

woah my camera damn lag, so i ended up taking this cool shot of the cake.
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you know what they say about the 7th month and well, flying cakes…

finally, a picture of the bunch of us who turned up
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from left: rachel, melinda, myself, cassy, joel, zhong, kenny, renard.

and yes, the boys arent very tall..


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