squash the damn stalker

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basket! i almost cried in desperation after zhong told me that rv stalker was going to join squash recre. im so ponning squash on wednesday.

on the other hand, nightcrawler kept his distance very well the whole of today. rv stalker should learn a thing or two from him.

on a lighter note,

its amazing how people can resort to ways and means to sleep during a lecture. halfway through econs, i happened to look to my left. and i saw this guy lying flat on the floor between 2 horizontal rows of lecture seats. he propped his head up with his duffel bag and had a towel across his face. for a second i thought he was dead, until he reached up to scratch his knee.

and after econs, we went to laze around in the void deck. it was a regretful decision, in choosing the table next to the last pillar. that is where i’d like to call, the lovers tree region.

like its name suggests, people go there to PDA without getting themselves 6-demerited-point for it.

there was a j2 lying on the bench in the table in front of ours. a guy was sitting next to her head. and there was this other girl on the opposite side of the table.

so there i was, happily eating my chicken rice. then i happened to look up to see the guy kneeling down next to the sleeping girl. he gently rested his hand on her stomach to rouse (not arouse lol) her from her beauty sleep. -i immediately stopped chewing to focus on the action.

the girl woke up in the most peaceful manner, with such an angelic smile spread all across her face. you could almost imagine bright violet flowers blooming on trees that never had flowers, and the mynahs singing to the tune of ‘stars are blind’ in the distance.

the both of them looked adoringly into each others eyes for about 5 seconds. the guy said something, and he patted the girl on her head, before letting his hand rest back on her stomach again.

and before the girl could check whether people were staring, i went back to eating my chicken rice, which didnt taste quite as good as before.

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