touch me not

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haha we’re touching for PE now, excuse the crude pun. i love puns because they sound like buns.

anyhow im quite convinced that im better at touch rugby than soccer. haha at least i can catch the odd shaped ball. still, i sark because i run like tor-toise. run little bit only get touched, no thrill la. thats why i still like contact. get touched also anyhow bull your way through and score!

and also because i run so slow, its damn hard to catch people. especially if im marking idiots like zhong. wah lao he dodge here ehlat there, how to catch? then i touch him, he shout molest. basket.

sometimes i get damn excited i scream. i know, damn sissy. i wont do it again next week. lol. once, i just ran and screamed so loudly i probably frightened everyone else. which was sort of why it was the furthest i ever ran across the court before getting touched.

oh and did i mention, ronald is in my team? lol, he is one bloody heck of a runner. he runs, and no one catches him. but its also because hes damn sweaty and hence, slippery.

chinese is as complex as a woman.
i dont understand women.

therefore, i think im going to fail chinese mock paper damn badly. there, a justified enough answer. tai tze ghee would understand…


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