tantalising mee goreng

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numerous encounters with nightcrawler makes tuesday an omgod-y day, due to the overuse of that expression.

nevermind the fact that i had to keep bumping into him. in addition to that, i had to be embarrassed by my dear friends when he was so obviously looking in our direction.

once, we were sitting at the void deck. and there i was, telling my lovely gossip (karma’s a bitch) and then i spotted a little spider on my arm. so i flung it onto the table. and then crazy renard said something like ‘im going to try my blowing tactic’ (ya it does sound wrong if i didnt mention the spider) and he bloody blew the spider into our direction!

i omgwtfbbq, cassy omgwtfbbq even louder!
she made damn sure that the entire void deck could hear her shrill scream in reponse to renard’s crazy tactics. so almost everyone turned to look at our table. it was so loud that i had to scramble to vivien’s side to save my poor eardrums.

renard was still trying to blow the damn spider off the table, completely oblivious to cassy’s shriek of protest.

so i jumped off my bench and the point is, i must have looked stupidly constipated. after all, the spider was less than a cm. lol! i’m an addict for dramatics. nightcrawler must have been repulsed by the unglamity of it all.

when the drama had all died down, cassy said i should thank her for getting nightcrawler to stare at me. i didnt see a need to- even the people at the cool table were staring at me jumping off my bench like a wuss. what more could i ask for?

during bio renard was fiddling with kenny’s hockey stick. and looking at it, he said, ‘your stick very nice.’ -pun completely intended. then renard started reaching out for him (collar, blah, you would know by now) and said, ‘eh actually this is quite good for hooking people ah. kenny, you better hook your man fast.’

kenny’s face turned pale (paler than usual) for a moment. but before collar boy to turn to find out what the commotion was, kenny had covered his repulsed look with another fit of giggles.

tantalising tuesday..
as apt at is it

fair weather friends are the bitch


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