playmate of the year

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during maths lecture, it got so boring that melinda and i decided to play our song game. its similar to the dumb quiz you blog when you are damn bored:

you keep your ipod on shuffle, ask a question, and then see the title of the randomly played song, which is the answer to your question.

the most memorable question and answer we had was when melinda asked ‘what does michelle really think about him (you know, the collar, and the deep voice..)’ and the song title that appeared was ‘playmate of the year’

i bloody banged my head on the lecture table so many times in that hour because we were laughing so hard.

afterwards we played shoot, shag and marry. this time around, we spun a pen around to pick the 3 choices from whichever direction the tip of the pen was pointing at. and somehow or the other, my pen always finds a way to point at him (yes, the collar and the deep voice)

after school, we had the absolute good fortune to bump into him and ride on 74 home.

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