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i suck at soccer. i just realised it for real today. i’ve lost much motivation to play football already, unless we’re playing sissy football.

anyhow today’s soccer session had the most number of casualties.

ronald stepped on the ball.
but of course, his agile body prevented him from falling and spraining his ankle.

cassy’s face got rammed by the ball.
the manner in which the whole incident happened was really quite hilarious.

firstly, zhong was trying to be guai lan and see how effective ronald’s infamous crotch-block is. so he purposely aimed for ronald’s family jewels in an attempt to score a goal. of course, ronald ducked (since the ball somehow ended up aiming for his precious head). and cassy was so nicely positioned right behind ronald, so she got the full blast of zhong’s mighty aim-for-the-jewels kick instead.

she didnt even have 2 seconds to react to the ball.
just imagine- the man who was suppose to save you ends up ducking to save his precious brains, and the next minute you feel a hot, burning sensation on your face.

but of course cassy became the hero of the day:
because she saved the goal.
and she also got free ribena from zhong.
imagine! all the perks from slacking around in a soccer match. i should try that the next time around.

lets just say,
if i had family jewels, i’d lose them today.
halfway through, somehow the ball deflected off joel and resulted in me doing an unintentional crotch-block. wah kanna sai pang sai damn painful!! i faster squat down..but recovered 2 seconds later.

after that, i respected ronald even more.
power to you! (or rather, your balls..)

haha anw i caught the wives on camera after they came back from their drink shopping.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

today, joel bought teh bing, and both renard and kenny bought the impotent drink- green tea.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

okay you know what they say about photoshop right. lol. i think ill just leave the link here. in case the wrong people chance upon this blog- ill be in big trouble then.

(from left: renard wife, kenny wife, joel wife, husband, and sexy maid)


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