Wah Rao eh

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omg i am still stoned from chionging written report last night until 1 am. well, at least there was miao, who was also chionging his WR. jc damn sad life.

basket. im going to call WR, WahRao from now on. WahRao eh! cause me to lose so many hours of precious sleep. i can just feel my pimples popping out as the seconds go by. also ah, WahRao damn piece of shit. i spend so long cutting so much, and still got 4000 plus words. WahRao eh! dunno whos the idiot anyhow set the word count at 3000. lazy to read only, think i dunno.

anyway today was my mum’s big 50. the only thing memorable about today so far was the tang yuan at crystal jade. i know already, on my birthday i also want tang yuan and xiao long bao.

tang yuan is the absolute bestest thing invented, alongside xiao long bao and haagen daz’s strawberry cheesecake ice-cream.

k i need to do WR again. WahRao

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