macho libre, my conjugate

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it was floorball for PE today. the other half of the class insisted on playing basketball, and like i said, i hate basketball. so i chose floorball instead. on the other hand, stupid zhong ran off the play soccer with his friends.

charissa, vivien, ida, cassy and myself were on one team while si min, irma, florence and wu di were on the other. lol 5 vs 4, i know. so i actually dont really need to talk about how we owned them 8-1.

we were playing like loony goons, dashing about half of the bball court and whacking our sticks wildly. most of the time, the sticks were hitting more air and people than the ball itself.

sometimes, when we got lucky, the holey ball would get passed on to someone, and someone misses the ball, and someone else whacks the ball unintentionally, and the goalee misses the ball.

and there you have it, a tyco goal.

but you cant possibly tyco for 8 times la. you need at least some skillz. once, i just anyhow whack (like golf) and the ball flew from one end of the court to the other end and past the goalee. so that was ballastically-beautiful.

the action was on the other court though, where the guys were playing bball with the fittest of the fit: dawn and melinda, luciano and his friend.

another thing i should really be thankful for is that i dont have to go for SSP. i cant tell you how happy i am to hear that i passed overall. im going to work harder for my H1s from now. my smarty class has about 5 people with 3 As already. oh, the pressure..

i foresee the day we collect our A level results, when every single one of my 3 or 4 A-cer classmates will be up on stage, and i will be down below, grinning bitterly.

anyhow, chem class was hilarious. nevermind the fact that macho was sitting in front of me, he was leaning backwards against his chair and threatening to tip over. thank goodnees he didnt, otherwise the impact of his fall would’ve killed both cassy and me.

and thanks to the intellectual boys who ask intellectual questions, comrade has now decided to give us intellectual weekend homework. care to tell me what lewis acid and base theroy is? well, thats why i like macho libre the best out of all the fellas there. i know theres cheeko-snoopy but hes too cheeko for my liking.

its funny how the weekend comes and goes away so fast. got bio and chinese to study for. must get A!


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