migraine and thursday bluez

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chemistry spa was a breeze.

everyone merely memorised the answers before the SPA and wrote them down effortlessly. i also had mental preparation for the previous bio SPA as well, thanks to the ever so efficient-when-it-comes-to-illegal-matters, joel and zhong khoo.

and this time, i made sure i remembered to do the ridiculous waving actions to smell the vinegar. eh honestly the action is retarded la, why the hell would you need to do it when you’re smelling something? next time i want to see whether people will go to muthu’s curry stall and wave their palms wildly to smell the curry vapours.

luckily pw was a lecture, i hate sitting in pw tutorial classroom and feeling like the only one who ever bothers about the written report.

and my aunt came back from hk, so we had crab at ang mo kio. i enjoyed the man tou more than the crab. my relatives were more interested in entertaining my 7 year old cousin. so my brother and i were pretty much emo-ing by ourselves. i listened to my brother lamenting about how my mum had taken to peeling crab for my cousin and completely forgot about him.

tomorrow is report card day. i can hardly wait. i wonder what my parents will say to my 3 red grades.

to sum it all up- bad week

goodbye, im going to wallow in a pool of self-pity


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