boys + pins = girls + soccer

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today during bio, zhong khoo had a fabulous idea to pin his fringe up. the only problem was, he didnt know how to use a pin.

so melinda fished out a black metal pin from her bag and handed it to zhong khoo. and then he asked, bewildered: ‘how to use ah?

i demonstrated once, and then he had a go at it. but he complained that it was too painful, so he asked me to demo again. and i did, and then he still couldnt get it.

by the end of the bio lesson, and the pin-sticking lesson, he only managed slipping his finger in the pin. so i suppose that was kind of an accomplishment.

haha just like how boys and pin dont fit, girls and soccer dont match (unless you are melinda khong), and how bad view and potato skin girl dont go together.

anyhow, welcome to the lonely hearts club. melinda can be honourary president, ill be the vp, and cassy will be the temporary member, whos actually deluded that she has depression.

but in the words of october fall, if we are alone, then arent we in this together?

tomorrow will be a better day..


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