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pirates 2 was a blast.
oh, if only i had half the wit of jack sparrow.

after school, melinda and i chionged straight to cine to watch the 3 pm movie. strangely, when we got to town, we didnt see a single AC kid loitering around in town. so we felt like super happening people. but that also meant that we were in a cinema packed with a massive crowd of bengz and lianz.

these bengz and lianz quite cool. they add to the (already) amazing sound effects. already, the visual effects were how good, since we went to watch the digital version. but i’d tell you, i dont see a difference in the quality of digital and non-digital movies, just that digital has extended credits (according to mr bengz on my left, who knows a thing or two about digital movies)

anyway, like i was saying, everytime davy jones kills some innocent chap, the lianz will shriek wildly. then when orlando bloom rolls around in the wheel, the lianz will shriek even louder. then when the octopus thing comes up, they shriek somemore.

so really, my $8 was all worth it. imagine: added audio effects to an already visually-enhanced movie.

sometimes jack sparrow’s humour is too dry, that i’d need a little time to absorb and process. then i find the lianz and bengz already laughing. and i wonder how that is possible, until i realise that they were reading the chinese subtitles. i meant, it cant be that they’re already laughing before jack sparrow finishes his joke right? unless they find his dreadlocks and eyeliner very hilarious.

despite zhong’s warning, we endured the 10-minute-long credits to watch the additional snippet. and yes, it was a bloody waste of time. so im telling you, dont bother waiting to watch it if you havent.

anyhow the 1hr 20 min chinese lesson was spent in LT 4 listening to a 3 man band singing mandopop. they allowed us to request songs so people started writing their resquests onto pieces of paper and folding it into a aeroplane. soon, the entire lecture hall was filled with papers planes diving wildly around.

the only mandopop song i that i actually recognised was tong hua. so for the rest of the time, i was slouched in my chair eavesdropping on goodview and dorky’s conversation directly behind. nothing much- it was mainly dorky lamenting about how this was a complete waste of his time.

then for PE, melinda and i kicked a grimy soccer ball (that we found in the track pit) while the rest of our class played basketball. today i learnt a new kewl kick! at the rate melinda is imparting her joga bonito skillz to me, i’d be able to imitate the whole ronaldinho routine by the end of the year.

here comes the weekend, much studying to do, and omg…PW ):


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