crunch you!

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we were stuck in the dettol-reeking super gym for more than an hour during PE listening. PE is not meant for listening. PE is meant for running around with a grimy soccer or rugby ball and scoring goals!

well anyhow, basically all we did was measure our max strength at the respective exercise machines. melinda and i spent half the time, using all our strength (brain and braun) working out how to adjust the seats. nautilius machines are how bloody un-user friendly can.

it was a rather demoralising experience as well. since all of melinda’s max strength records pwned my scrawny un-toned ass. i respected melinda for a day. and i was so inspired by her, that i went home to do 100 crunches. next week, i will pwn her in the abdominal machine. then She will respect Me.

joking la melinda, in case tears are welling up in your slitty evil eyes.

i failed gp anyhow. that means, i havent passed a single H1 subject yet. which in turn, means that i havent passed terms overall. which means, ive got my ticket to hell, aka ssp (self-study programme)

honestly, the week has been the pits for me. other than the fact that i watched pirates 1 (finally) and im going to watch pirates 2 on friday.

im going to listen to the sian song by the mr brown show.


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