flagging the chick

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i was out in town flagging away my entire saturday afternoon. imagine, i sacrificed 5 hours of my time to contribute to society when i couldve been at home finishing up that urgent piece of GP homework.

sometimes, i really marvel at my generosity.

but anyhow, once we got our cans, the cliquish class broke up into various groups to go out to sell flags. melinda, kenny, joel, zhong and myself headed off to fulfil a more important cause first- our hunger pangs.

we opened numbers and kenny had to pick a place to eat at. i said i hated long johns, so he suggested we go to long johns. again, i compromised, only because my heart is as big as africa. lol. but it really wasnt so bad, because i ate grilled chicken wrap. despite the unglamness while wrestling to eat the sandwich, i have to say it actually did taste like real food.

so then we wandered around somemore, bumping into cheep cheep and charmaine outside mandarin (no badview ): ) who were selling CDs for ST pocket money fund. i would have bought 2 CDs if badview was there. but noo, he didnt come. his loss, then. (lucky also, cos i only had 20 bucks with me. lol!)

joel and kenny went off to tangs area while the 3 of us stayed at taka fountain. but the people there are mostly stuck up and refused to donate. so we left for greener grass.

zhong’s recommendation of ‘greener grass’ was really quite good. we spent the next hour plus flagging there. and in the course of our time there, various interesting incidents happened.

the people there were all either emerging or entering somerset mrt, and 60% of them donated when approached. after a trial of 10 minutes, we set up a system: melinda and i would ask the uncles and teenage boys. and zhong khoo would simply stand there effortlessly and wait for all the aunties and chicks to donate to him. and it worked really well!

almost 2/3 of all the women zhong approached (or approached him) donated their coins to him. and then this chio girl carrying a violin case approached him and gave him $4. this act of generosity melted his manly heart and he wanted to ask her for her number. but she left before he could make a move.

so we reassured him that she would return to the station again after her music lesson. and she did, but zhong was busy approaching someone at that time. so by the time i alerted him about her arrival, she had already stepped onto the escalator and disappeared into the recesses of somerset MRT. he tried going after her but nervousness got the better of him and he gave up.

well, he can always go back next saturday and hang around outside somerset MRT between 2pm to 3pm to try again.

halfway through flagging, some guy approached us to star in his channel 5 documentary to comment on sk8ers (since we were outside youth park). but i was suffering from a zao-xia voice as a result of my recent bout of flu (yes for the 5th time this dreadful year) and zhong simply refused to appear on national television unpaid. so we declined the poor guy’s offer.

haha on the other hand, melinda picked a flagging spot near the map directory and probably memorised the whole of somerset in that hour. twice, people stopped by to ask for directions and donated to our tins as an expression of their gratitude. again, zhong received 2 bucks from a group of aunties who didnt know where kiliney road was.

ah but at the end, my tin was still heavier than his. only because there were more generous uncles than hot chicks. lol

at 3.30 we went to starbucks and wasted the rest of the time away drinking mocha frapp. we met joel and kenny, who walked from somerset to suntec to flag (poWER to yOU!), again at the tin-returning point.

this time around, my tin was only half-filled, unlike previous times. but it was definitely the fun-nest flag day ever.


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